Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

Attendance:  William Healey, Martine Painchaud, Dan Robinson, Darryl McKenney, Anne Gregory, Lillian Smith, Joan Kiszely, Margaret Langhill

Absent: Elizabeth Bowdoin, Wendi Davis, Joe Grube, Lou Durgin, Gary Robbins

Call to Order: Vice President William Healey called the meeting to order at 10:15am.

The Board Members present introduced themselves to Joan Kiszely and Margaret Langhill from Maine Municipal Association.

Joan Kiszely reviewed the Administrative Guide and there was a discussion about working with Joan to get this organized and distributed.  There was also a discussion about how the Affiliate Group staff works and what support that they can expect.

Secretary’s Report:  A motion was made by Daniel Robinson to approve the minutes of July 15, 2005 as presented.  Anne Gregory seconded the motion.  All approved.

Treasurer’ Report:  Martine Painchaud handed out the financial report to-date for the board’s review.  The current balance is $13,563.47 and all books are in order.  There was lengthy discussion about the dues structure and how the memberships will be handled.  Anne Gregory made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, seconded by Lillian Smith.  All approved. 

Old Business:

MMA Draft Services Agreement-Joan Kiszely passed out a copy of the draft 2006 Services Agreement and introduced Mike Starn, Director of Communications and Educational Services at Maine Municipal Association.  There was a detailed discussion with Mike Starn and Joan Kiszely about the MAAO quarterly newsletter and the specific support that MMA will provide.  MMA will provide layout and distribution.  Anne Gregory noted that it might be a great idea for the Vice President to be responsible for coordinating the efforts of the newsletter.  There was consensus of the board that this would be a great idea.  Gail King currently has the template for the newsletter.  It was decided that the President should approve what goes on website and will work with Jeri Holt on content.  Mike Starn reviewed the financial portion of the MMA contract.  Anne Gregory made a motion to accept the Administrative Services Agreement between the Maine Association of Assessing Officers and the Maine Municipal Association as drafted for the 2006 calendar year and to give permission for Vice President and Acting President, William Healey to sign the contract, seconded by Daniel Robinson.  There was a detailed discussion about the ad hoc expenses that might be incurred by the MAAO and the need to raise dues to cover the cost of the administrative services agreement.  After a detailed discussion, Mike Starn suggested that the Board and MMA get together prior to the beginning of the year to develop a budget for the 2006 year.  There was consensus of the board members present that this would be a good idea.  All approved.

Update on Library-Lillian Smith reported that she put an article in the Metes & Bounds and she has received no responses.  There was discussion about where the books would be housed.  It was agreed that the Board Members should provide Lillian with a list of the resources currently available and get the information out to membership.  Lillian would act as the Librarian in maintaining and updating the reference library once she has the list from the Board Members.  Each Board Member would physically keep his/her own resource, and Lillian would contact the appropriate person when she receives a request for a resource.  It was decided that Dave Sawyer should go to the library and physically try to find the books.  

New Business:

Proposed Dates for Meetings for 2006 Year-Lillian Smith made a motion to accept the proposed dates as listed on the agenda for November 10, 2005, seconded by Dan Robinson.  These meeting dates are:

  • January 13, 2006
  • March 17, 2006
  • May 26, 2006
  • July 21, 2006
  • November 9, 2006

Martine Painchaud is to contact new board members to let them know of these meeting dates.  All approved.   Margaret Langhill to send sample draft budget request form for the committee chairs and Joan Kiszely will send sample budgets.  There was discussion about the January 13th meeting be catered in order to kick off the New Year with the expanded board. 

It was clarified that the newsletter should go out in January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, November 1st.  MAAO would like a letter from MMA welcoming MAAO as a new Affiliate Group.  Anne Gregory can contact Legal Services at MMA to contribute an article.  There was a detailed discussion on various appropriate articles, and Anne will contact the Board Members via email to finalize the next newsletter.

The training calendar will be finalized at the January 13, 2006 meeting.  

Committee Reports:

Audit/Finance:  Dan Robinson had nothing new to report.

Calendar:  Lillian Smith reported that the calendars are out and they are no reported errors.  She has collected roughly $1500.00 for ads for the newsletter and calendar, and the expense was $1071.00, so there is an anticipated profit of approximately $429.00. Joan Kiszely introduced Jaime Clark, graphic designer at Maine Municipal Association and there was a brief discussion about the newsletter.  Jaime will meet with Anne Gregory at a later date to discuss.

Education/Conference:  William Healey reported that the events in 2005 went very well.  He added that he has opened discussions with the Maine Chapter of the IAAO to offer one joint program per year.  He talked to Bruce with IAAO, who is the Education Chair, to try to make this happen.  William feels that MAAO needs to not only provide quality workshops for the new assessors, but also for the seasoned assessors.  Anne Gregory added that she thought that MAAO should coordinate better with MMA during the MMA Convention so that the MAAO can take advantage of the great speakers.  There was a detailed discussion about various topics for upcoming workshops as well as possible speakers. 

Ethics:  Darryl McKenney had nothing new to report.

Legislative:  Darryl McKenney reported that the board needs to discuss the coastal water ordinance.  Joan Kiszely explained the process of the LPC meetings at MMA and noted that the Affiliate Group could sit in on these meetings.  While not a voting member of the LPC, they could bring to the attention of the LPC the group’s stance on various legislative issues.

Library:  Already discussed.

Membership: There was discussion about fees for workshops.  If the Town is a member, who would get the member price for the workshop?  Dan Robinson feels that we should keep the individual membership.  Anne Gregory made a motion for Dan Robinson, Martine Painchaud, and William Healey to work with MMA to create a new membership form, seconded by Lillian Smith.  All approved. 

Newsletter: Already discussed.

Scholarship: Already discussed. 

Adjournment: Dan Robinson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:40 p.m., seconded by Lillian Smith.  All approved.

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