Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, July 21, 2006
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

Attendance: William Healey, Jr., Martine Painchaud, Tammy Brown, Roger Hay, Darryl McKenney, Daniel Robinson, Joe Grube, Lisa Morin, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Anne Gregory

Absent: Lillian Smith, Lona LaFrancis, and Marian Anderson

Call to Order: President William Healey called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: A motion was made by Dan Robinson to approve the minutes of May 26, 2006 as presented. Martine Painchaud seconded the motion. All approved with minor corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud handed out the financial report to date for the Executive Board’s review. Motion made by Dan Robinson, seconded by Anne Gregory, all approved the financial report.

Old Business

  • Brochure – Tabled until next meeting. Darryl McKenney noted that he provided Margaret Langhill information to add to the brochure. Joan Kiszely will have Margaret add the information and have it updated. She will email it to the board for them to review and for comments. The board would like to have the brochure completed for the upcoming Fall Conference.

Committee Reports:

  • Audit/Finance: Dan Robinson - No report
  • Calendar: Lillian Smith – No report – Lisa Morin volunteered to contact Lillian Smith to get an updated status report on this.
  • Newsletter: Anne Gregory reported that the newsletter went out. Next one is due in November and she will do a wrap up on the conference and Tabor.
  • Education/Conference: Dan Robinson reported he mailed brochures to the key speakers. It was requested that Joan Kiszely put the MAAO Fall conference brochure on the MTCMA website to invite any managers. Joan Kiszely went over the check-off list and function sheet with the board. Brief discussion on who they have to date for Vendors. Bill Healey requested that everyone make a call to those who have not signed up yet to market them for the conference. Bill Healey assigned someone from the board to a specific Vendor to contact them. Brief discussion about the Warren group.
  • Northern Maine Seminar: Bill Healey – no report

Fall Seminar: Martine Painchaud & Dan Robinson reviewed the schedule and a brief discussion on the entire conference followed. They requested that Joan Kiszely add to the Agenda/Card (for the attendees) Points of Interest such as, the Game Room, Hospitality Room, and the time of the Botanical Gardens tour. Anne Gregory will contact Marian Anderson to get the details on the Botanical Gardens. Joan Kiszely suggested that during the Welcoming Remarks that Bill Healey or Dan Robinson introduce the Vendors and give them 5 minutes to do a show and tell of their product. The board thought this was a good idea and will implement this at the conference.

IAAO – Anne Gregory will invite them to have a table and will invite representatives from the IAAO to the fall conference. Bill Healey will call someone to see about sponsorship for the Hospitality Room. Joan Kiszley will need to do up a sign with their logo after if they sponsor thanking them. Joan Kiszely will send a copy of the MFCA liability insurance to Bill Healey,

Brief discussion and a consensus to invite the Bureau of Property Tax to the MAAO fall conference. A brief discussion on offering a couple of attendees from the Maine Revenue Services an overnight room on one of the nights of the conference. There was a brief discussion on the pros and cons on this issue. Motion made by Dan Robinson, seconded by Martine Painchaud to have a room one night for Maine Revenue Services, all approved. They will need to choose what night they will come. Anne Gregory feels this is an opportunity for MAAO to network with the Bureau. They will need to register for the conference and pay for the meals. Anne Gregory will make the contact and get back to Joan Kiszely on who will attend and what night.

Anne Gregory suggested that the Board have a wrap-up luncheon at 12:00 p.m. The board thought this was a great idea, and requested that Joan Kiszely make the arrangements.

Dan Robinson suggested we purchase polo shirts for the Board of Directors so attendees could easily identify a Board of Director in the event they had a question or just wanted any assistance. Dan Robinson will talk with Kennebunk recreation department about the shirts, and logo. It was suggested to possible sell them after the conference, but we would order the members a different color. Motion made by Dan Robinson, seconded by Martine Painchaud, all approved to purchase the board of directors polo- shirts for the conference. We will stick with the color of the conference that is on the brochure. Dan Robinson will email out to get the size.

  • Ethics: Joe Grube – No report
  • Legislative: Steve LeMay - absent
  • Membership: Martine Painchaud reported that MAAO has 242 members to date. Joan Kiszely noted she would have a green dot on all new members attending the conference so the MAAO can welcome them. She will make sure Bill Healey will have a list of the new members to introduce them.
  • Scholarship: Martine Painchaud reported she has one person that received the scholarship out of four people. It was noted that one person has refused the scholarship. Martine Painchaud noted she suggested to Bill Healey that they raffle the one scholarship left over at the fall conference. Motion made by Martine Painchaud, seconded by Darryl McKenny, all approved to raffle the one scholarship at the fall conference. One opposition.

New Business:

  • Website Advertising Policy: Bill Healey reported on the MTCMA Draft Policy regarding advertising on the web page. Joan Kiszely asked if MMA is supposed to invoice the ads for the newsletter. It was noted that the newsletter, calendar, and website fee for the ads would be all one price. Lisa Morin will contact Lilian Smith to see the status of this issue. Once Lisa Morin finds out the status she will email Joan Kiszely to do invoicing to the advertisers with a letter from Bill Healey to accompany the invoice. We need to know what we are charging them now. If already paid we will send a letter thanking them and marketing them to advertise for something else. The letters may need to vary depending on what they are taking an ad out on.
  • Scholarship Policy and Criteria: Joan Kiszely reported on the MTCMA Scholarship policy. Brief discussion on their scholarship policy. Consensus they are happy with their scholarship policy.

Other New Business: None

Adjournment: Motion made by Anne Gregory, seconded by Martine Painchaud, all approved to adjourn the meeting at noon.

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