Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, November 3, 2006
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

Attendance: Bill Healey, Darryl McKenney, Daniel Robinson, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Roger Hoy, Martine Painchaud, Joe Grube, Anne Gregory, Lisa Morin, Tammy Brown (conference phone), Joan Kiszely.

Absent: Steve LeMay, Lona Francis, Marion Anderson.

Call to Order: President William Healey called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: Darryl McKenney made a motion to accept the minutes of July 21, 2006, and September 15, 2006, seconded by Daniel Robinson. All approved with an amendment that Steve LeMay was absent at the September meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud handed out the financial report to date for the Executive Board’s review. Anne Gregory made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Daniel Robinson. All approved.

Old Business

  • Update on Combined Educational Offerings: Bill Healey reported that they haven’t made any headway with the Maine Chapter. He reported he had a disappointing conversation with Bureau of Revenue Services. Mike Rogers called Bill for David Ledew. They want to improve their Tax School. It was noted that maybe the Bureau of Revenue Services have their advance classes at our Fall Conference. When talking to Mike Rogers he thought we were going to give up our fall conference. Bill Healey reported we are not giving up our conference. It was the consensus that we continue to do separate conferences. Brief discussion on this issue. The IAAO course is in August and the timing is not good. The Basic IAAO courses are good. Maybe the more intense course should be done another time. Bill Healey & Dan Robinson were trying to maybe expand our courses and the conference. They will probably have one more discussion with the Bureau of Revenue Services in December. Maybe we should have a joint meeting with all three groups – IAAO, Bureau of Revenue Services, and MAAO to see about possible combined offerings.
  • Brief discussion on regionalized training for remote areas in Maine. Maybe a survey to go out to see what the interest is in the January newsletter. Joan Kiszely will email Dan Robinson some sample surveys, and she will ask Jeri Holt to help put this together. They would like a one-page survey with return address on it. Maybe put an incentive on complete survey by (put a date) and you will be eligible for a drawing to get a complimentary registration for one of the regional workshops. Also, add to the survey if members have ideas on what they want for fall conference topics. Also, add to the survey: How many would like the MAAO to continue of the calendars in the current format or a different calendar.

Committee Reports:

  • Audit/Finance: Dan Robinson – no report
  • Calendar: No report.
  • Newsletter: Anne Gregory reported she is trying to get the articles in. She went over what she has to date for the newsletter. She will do one page for IAAO in their newsletter. She will list the four events they do a year. This is the last piece she is working on for this newsletter. MAAO was founded in 1961.
  • Education/Conference: Dan Robinson – no report
  • Ethics: Joe Grube – no report
  • Legislative: Steve LeMay absent. Bill Healey reported he and Anne Gregory have attended some meetings to try and communicate better with MMA/LPC. Anne Gregory will contact Laura Veilleux to see about getting the schedule of the committees and subcommittees. They noted the only way to get a voice on the LPC is through the subcommittees. Any Legislative Bulletin that comes out they want the Affiliate Department to automatically send to their members that have email.
  • Membership: Martine Painchaud reported that they have 215 members to date. Joan Kiszely reported that the Membership dues would be going out soon.
  • Scholarship: No report

New Business:

  • Spruce Point Inn: Bill Healey reported that MWWCA hosted their fall conference and it was a successful conference. Joan Kiszely will check to see if the 10% charge can be added into the cost of the overnight room – one price. For wherever they go next year. Joan Kiszely will get proposals from Sunday River, Sebasco, and Spruce Point to have a comparison for the January meeting. Their conference will be September 12, 13, 14, 2007.
  • Fall Conference Evaluations: Dan Robinson reported he did up an evaluation survey. He reviewed the outcome of percentages of the conference. They got 66 returned surveys. Overall the survey showed very good on the overall conference. He noted that Joe Herlihy was very pleased with how MAAO & Spruce Point welcomed him. Spruce Point Inn: He reviewed the comments from the survey. Food was definitely a negative on this conference. Dan Robinson reported he is thinking about assigning a speaker to a person on his Education Committee.
  • Scholarship Criteria: Martine Painchaud distributed a Draft MAAO Scholarship Eligibility Requirements for the board to review. Brief discussion on the Scholarship Eligibility Requirements. It was noted that number 7 needs clarification. Discussion to do only two scholarships a year. Bill Healey noted he has budgeted for two scholarships at $500 each. Motion made by Anne Gregory, seconded by Martine Painchaud, to approve the MAAO Scholarship Eligibility Requirements with changes and to include the two scholarships for $500 for the upcoming year. All approved. Martine Painchaud will send Joan Kiszely an updated Scholarship Criteria to send out to the Board and to put on the Website.
  • Proposed Budget: Bill Healey distributed copies of the proposed budget for the Board to review. Bill Healey talked about sponsorships and how he will make calls for sponsorships for the Fall Conference. The budget will be voted on in January.
  • Newsletter Stipend: Bill Healey feels there should be a newsletter stipend. Martine Painchaud noted that Anne Gregory was offered this, but did not want a stipend. Darryl McKenney noted it shouldn’t be the Vice President, that it should be a member of the Board. Anne Gregory noted as long as she is on the board she will be the editor with a stipend. Motion made by Anne Gregory, seconded by Dan Robinson, all approved to have Anne Gregory the editor of the newsletter as long as she is on the Board with a stipend.
  • Calendars: Anne Gregory noted she got feedback the calendars were good. Maybe cut back on the count if they can to print. Lisa Morin will find out if they can decrease the count. Maybe a smaller calendar would work. Recommendation to have Lisa Morin look into the cost, how many calendars and to come back with the numbers for the January meeting. Roger Hoy reported it could be just a format issue.
  • Website: Bill Healey would like to offer ads on their website. It was noted that they need a webmaster. Joan Kiszely will get a proposal from Stu Marckoon to see what the fee would be for him to take on the MAAO. He asked all of the Board to see how the other Websites look like. They like the IAAO website.
  • Meeting Date Calendar: Martine Painchaud will work with Joan Kiszely on the 2007 meeting calendar. Joan Kiszely needs to give Jaime Clark the calendar for the newsletter.
  • Donation for Northeast Region Conference: Anne Gregory reported the Northeast Region Conference is April 29 to May 3 in Newport, Rhode Island. Motion made by Anne Gregory, seconded by Dan Robinson, all approved to donate $150 for half page. All approved. Martine Painchaud will send a check to them.
  • Bill Healey noted they do not need a full Board Meeting for the December meeting. It will be an Executive Board meeting only, plus Dan Robinson, Education Chair to attend this meeting. Executive Board, President, Vice President, 1 st two past presidents.
  • Liability Insurance: Joan Kiszely will bring copies of Liability Insurance from the MTCMA and MFCA at January Meeting.

Adjournment: Dan Robinson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at noon, seconded by Martine Painchaud. All approved.

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