Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, July 20, 2007
Jordan Grand Resort Hotel, Sunday River
Newry, ME
10:00 am

Attendance: Martine Painchaud, Tammy Brown, Anne Gregory, Bill Healey, Roger Hoy, Joe Grube, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Margaret Langhill.

Absent: Lona LaFrancis, Dan Robinson, Marian Cadrette-Anderson, Darryl McKenney, Steve Lemay, Lisa Morin.

Call to Order: President William Healey called the meeting to order at 10:20am. Bill welcomed everyone to Sunday River and there was a general discussion about the location for the 2008 Fall Conference.

Secretary’s Report: Anne Gregory made a motion to accept the minutes of May 18, 2007, seconded by Roger Hoy. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud handed out the financial report to date for the Executive Board’s review. Bill noted that Vision Appraisal will be sending a check for $500 as sponsorship for the 2007 Fall Conference, and added that the vendors were given the opportunity to sponsor at the Fall Conference this year. Anne Gregory made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, seconded by Roger Hoy. All approved.

Old Business:

  1. Update on IAAO Affiliate Member Application: Bill Healey reported that the MAAO has been officially approved as members and we have received a certificate with letter. In an email letter, they noted that they would love to do a spotlight article on the MAAO. It was noted that we should bring a camera to this year’s Fall Conference and take photos for this article and the website. Bill noted that he emailed the affiliate representative to send promotional materials for us to display at the fall conference. It was noted that a stand alone table should be reserved for the IAAO to put these materials out. General discussion about regional associations and the benefit of consolidation. After a brief discussion it was noted that the fall conference agenda should be edited for the program to read “Ongoing discussion regarding collaboration between the multiple assessing groups.” Add to first day agenda 4:15-4:45. Further discussions about merging the 5 regional associations. Anne will call the President/Vice Presidents and talk with them and invite them to the Fall Conference.
  2. Assessor of the Year Award: Bill opened discussion of creating this award. After a general discussion, it was decided that an Awards Committee would be formed to explore this. Roger Hoy, Beth Bowdoin, Joe Grube and Bill Healey will be on this committee and will report back to the Executive Board. Roger Hoy will chair this committee.
  3. Update on Spruce Point: Martine reported that she and Joan Kiszely went to Spruce Point on July 5 th and everything looks to be in order. General discussion about the logistics. Margaret and Joan will contact Dan Robinson to get the speaker profiles and these will be put on the website and out on the listserve along with the attendee packet.

Committee Reports:

  1. Audit/Finance: No report.
  2. Calendar: Beth Bowdoin will work with Lisa Morin to make sure that the calendars will be ready. There was general consensus that the MAAO would like to see something different. It was noted that we can now put the IAAO logo on all materials.
  3. Newsletter: Anne Gregory reported that she was delayed in getting this to Jaime Clark, but will next week upon Jaime’s return from vacation. General discussion about topics for the newsletter. Anne noted that she has had some inquiries about the newsletter from vendors.
  4. Education/Conference: Dan Robinson was absent, but asked Bill Healey to report (which he did) that everything is moving forward and all speakers are lined-up. General discussion about putting a non-alcoholic gift in all of the speakers rooms with a thank-you from MAAO. Martine will take care of this. When Margaret sends out speaker letters, please ask them about overnight rooms needed. Meeting in the fall to discuss combining training offerings. General discussion about meeting with the Property Tax Division to host combined training courses.
  5. Ethics: No report.
  6. Legislative: No report. General discussion-discuss with speakers with Bureau of Revenue Services about BETTE and veterans.
  7. Membership: Martine reported that there are 234 members to-date. Roger Hoy distributed a letter that he drafted for those who passed the CMA exam inviting them to join the MAAO. Margaret will follow up with Roger to make the letter graphically smart, and Roger and Bill will get the lists to Margaret in order to know who to send the letters to.
  8. Scholarship: General discussion about the scholarships. None for this year, but will be doing a drawing at the fall conference this year for a scholarship for next year. Martine will work with MMA on the logistics of the best way to handle this drawing. It was consensus that Board Members should be eligible.

New Business:

  1. MMA Convention Update: Bill Healey reported on the revised MMA convention agenda and gave an overview of the meetings he has been involved with. Margaret noted that the tentative agenda is available on the table. Bill reminded that the nominating committee needs to meet and there was a brief discussion about upcoming vacancies.
  2. Tour of Sunday River Conference Center: The tour will be after lunch and will be escorted by Mark Look from Sunday River.

Adjourn: Anne Gregory made a motion to adjourn the Executive Board meeting at 11:59am, seconded by Roger Hoy. All approved.

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