Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Friday February 15, 2008
Maine Municipal Association, Augusta, Maine
10:00 a.m.

Attendance: AnneGregory, Tammy Brown, Martine Painchaud, William Healey, Rick Mace, Marian Cadrette-Andeson, Darryl McKenney, Joe Grube, Roger Hoy, Lisa Morin, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Margaret Langhill

Excused: Daniel Robinson, Lona LaFrancis, Steve Lemay

Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:09. Anne welcomed Rick Mace as a new director on the MAAO board.

Secretary’s Report: Motion made by Joe Grube to accept the November 2, 2007 minutes as submitted, seconded by Bill Healey, all approved the November 2, 2007 minutes. One abstained.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud distributed the Treasurer’s Report. Motion made by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, seconded by Darryl McKenney to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. 11 approved. 1 abstained. Motion carries.

Old Business:

Committee Reports:

  • Audit/Finance: Marian Cadrette-Anderson made a motion to have Beth Bowdoin chair the Audit/Finance Committee, seconded by Martine Painchaud. All approved. Committee should be made up of 3 people recommended by the chair. The responsibility of the Committee is to audit the books prior to the annual meeting. Bill Healey recommended that the Committee should also find ways of increasing revenue for the Association.
  • Calendar: Bill Healey made a motion to have Lisa Morin chair the Calendar Committee, seconded by Beth Bowdown. All approved. Rick Mace to also be on the committee. Lisa reviewed the cost of ordering more 2008 calendars. Bill Healey made a motion to order 50 more 2008 calendars and send to new members. This motion was not seconded and failed. Marian Cadrette-Anderson made a motion to not order any more 2008 calendars, seconded by Martine Painchaud. 11 approved. 1 opposed. Motion carries. Discussion about consolidating advertisers. The fiscal year is September-August for billing, with the exception of vendors at the Fall Conference. Bill Healey made a motion that Lisa Morin also chair the Advertising Committee and consolidate this into the Calendar committee, seconded by Beth Bowdoin. All approved. Bill Healey and Lisa Morin to work on new billing structure.
  • Newsletter: Tammy is appointed as Chair of the Newsletter Committee as Vice President. The first newsletter went out a bit late, but it was very good, and the next issue is on target for release in April 2008. Margaret Langhill to ask Mike Starn to put the correct dates for the Fall Conference in the next issue of the Townsman. The dates were changed after publication.
  • Education/Conference: Discussion about putting the Conference Committee under the Education Committee. Anne Gregory asked Bill Healey and Martine Painchaud to co-chair the Conference Committee and work with the MMA Affiliate Office Staff. Bill Healey will also serve on the Education Committee with Dan Robinson as the chair. Darryl McKenney made a motion for Bill Healey and Martine Painchaud to co-chair the Conference Committee, and for Dan Robinson to chair the Education Committee, seconded by Tammy Brown. All approved. Ethics: Darryl McKenney made a motion for Joe Grube to chair the Ethics Committee, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson. All approved.
  • Legislative: Bill Healey made a motion for Marian Cadrette-Anderson to chair the Legislative Committee, seconded by Roger Hoy. All approved. The committee will be chaired by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, and committee members will be Darryl McKenney and Anne Gregory.
  • Membership: Darryl McKenney made a motion for Roger Hoy to chair the Membership Committee, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson. All approved. Martine Painchaud will serve on this committee.
  • Scholarship: Marian Cadrette-Anderson made a motion for Martine Painchaud to chair the Scholarship Committee, seconded by Darryl McKenney. All approved.

New Business:

Director Orientation: Welcome Rick Mace.

2008 Budget: Budget discussion. Marian Cadrette-Anderson noted that Martine Painchaud does a great job and should be commended.

MMA Service Contract: Bill noted that the extra money spent was not the fault of MMA, it was asked of them. Bill Healey made a motion to sign the 2008 MMA Services Agreement, seconded by Martine Painchaud. All approved.

Conference: General discussion about the cost of meals being included in the daily conference cost. General discussion about the conference planning.

Website: Martine Painchaud noted that Todd Langhill does a wonderful job and a reminder that all website changes should go through Martine.

Adjourn: Joe Grube made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:12pm, seconded by Martine Painchaud. All approved.

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