Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, July 11, 2008
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Anne Gregory, Martine Painchaud, Dan Robinson (Conference Phone), Rick Mace, Tammy Brown, Roger Hoy, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Darryl McKenney, Bill Healey, Lisa Morin, Joan Kiszely.

ABSENT: Darryl McKenney, Joe Grube, Marian Cadrette-Anderson, Steve Lemay.


Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: Motion made by Roger Hoy, seconded by Beth Bowdoin, all approved to postpone the acceptance of the May 2, 2008 minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported that as of yesterday the balance in the checking account is $2,090.65. She reported there is only one outstanding bill at this time. It is for the copying of the newsletter. Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Tammy Brown, all approved the July’s Treasurer’s Report.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

  • Education/Conference: 2008 Chair Dan Robinson reported the schedule is all set. He noted the State put together a very good agenda for the Tax School at Colby in August. He will get together with those involved with the Mock Trial to organize that. Bill Healey noted he would be on the Mock Trial as did Anne Gregory.
  • Social Issues: After Wednesday’s program, if there is a time opening, he will put together a social option. This would be offered as optional and pay on your own. There may be a minimal fee to rent a van if they go as a group. He needs permission from the board to be able to put a deposit down. Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Martine Painchaud, all approved to let Dan Robinson be able to spend up to $200 to put a deposit on a van for an optional social program. He recommends if it is over this, he needs to email the Conference Committee. All Approved. Brief discussion on possible getting a trolley.

Conference Subcommittee:

Status of Vendor and Registration packets and other developments:

  • Vendor: Bill Healey reported the vendor packet just went out prior to July 4 th. He also noted that Vision should be sending in $500 soon for sponsorship. He reported if someone sent in $500 for sponsorship they would get recognized on the Fall Conference program, web-site ad, and recognized at the Fall Conference. It was reported that we had 7 vendors last year. The goal should be 10 vendors this year. Roger suggested that possibly office supply companies would like to be vendors. It was requested that Joan Kiszely ask Mike Starn for a list of office supply vendors that are at the MMA Convention, and then she is to mail a Vendor notice out to them.
  • Registration Packet: Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Tammy Brown, all approved that we email the Attendee Packet to those that have email, and mail it out to those who do not have email. Anne Gregory will do a cover letter to this email. Joan Kiszely to also put it on the List Serve and send it to Martine Painchaud for the website. Anne Gregory is also to contact Mike Starn to run something in the Townsman.
  • Review agenda/activities and Board responsibilities/tasks

Volunteers at the Conference: Joan Kiszely will work with Martine Painchaud and Bill Healey to do up a schedule of Volunteers for the Board. Also, add volunteers to be present at the Hospitality Suite the hours it is open.

  • Silent Auction status: Anne Gregory gave an update on what things they have gotten to date for the auction. Joan Kiszely to contact Sugarloaf and Sunday River about a free weekend and ski package.
  • Other conference considerations: Joan Kiszely reported on the Cadillac Breakfast and the Continental Breakfast menu.

Lunch Buffet: It was the consensus of the Board to have Selection #7 for Wednesday’s lunch, and Selection #3 (shrimp and chicken) for Thursday’s luncheon. Shrimp if we have to choose. RACHELLE: Can you add a Clam Chowder to the menu of one luncheon for the same price?

Overnight Rooms: Joan Kiszely will contact Rick Mace 363-1005 to make his overnight room reservation.

Gifts: Only gifts certificates to the speakers. President of IAAO – Joan – Get about $100 worth of things from Atlantic Oakes for him.


  • Chair Roger Hoy reported on a draft letter to go to the colleges in the State of Maine.
    He would like to send his letter and the link to their website via email to all colleges. This would go out the beginning of fall. Anne Gregory noted that maybe some pins could be made up to give to new members.


  • Chair Lisa Morin reported she sent out 34 forms and only received 7 back to advertise in the calendar. She will send out a second notice or make contact with them. She will use the same format as last year. Joan Kiszely reported she would like the money that has come in to date to Lisa Morin for the advertisement to go through MMA first and then to Martine Painchaud.


  • Anne Gregory reported that she has appointed Beth Bowdoin, Bill Healey, and Marianne Cadrette-Anderson to serve on the Audit Committee.
  • 2008 Chair Beth Bowdoin reported that they had some advice from MMA on what they need to do the Audit. She would like to meet after this meeting and go over a few things. Martine Painchaud mentioned she brought everything they requested for the audit.
  • Editor Tammy Brown reported the newsletter was sent out last week, and many should be receiving it soon. She noted she is soliciting other groups to put articles in the newsletter. Bill Healey reported that he feels the cost should be shared amongst groups. Anne Gregory noted that maybe in the Fall she could take a couple of the members of the Executive Board and go to other groups’ board meetings to market the newsletter and see if they would be willing to share the cost. She noted that this dialog should take place in person with them. If they are not willing, it is possible the MAAO may have to go up on the dues. Anne Gregory’s goal is to have everyone participate in the newsletter. They noted that Tammy Brown is doing a good job. The next newsletter will be in November.


  • Chair Joe Grube - Absent


  • Chair Marian Cadrette-Anderson: Absent


  • Chair Martine Painchaud reported that no one has applied for the scholarship. There will, therefore, be no recipient this year.

New Business

  • Executive Board report: Anne Gregory noted that the Executive Board met this morning. She noted that she got a restructuring letter from Chris Lockwood. She distributed copies of the entire packet that she received to the Board. She reported they talked about Board vacancies. Bill Healey will ask Joe Grube and Steve Lemay if they will serve again. Roger Hoy and Lisa Morin were asked if they would sign up, and they noted they would be honored to serve again. Basically they discussed the Audit, Board Vacancies, MMA Restructuring, and the MMA Convention.
  • MMA Convention Agenda: Anne noted that she has told Mike Starn they would participate in the round tables, hold their business meeting prior to that time, and do their one-day session on Thursday. She noted that she doesn’t know the responsibility of the Education Chair. Dan noted he focuses on the topics and speakers. Mike Starn reported that they would do a Round Table on Wednesday afternoon. He is in hopes MAAO will do a BETE/BETR round table. They will do three sessions over a period of three hours. It was suggested that they ask Brenda Cummings and Mike Rogers to facilitate this but no final decision was made. They need speakers for both morning and afternoon. Joan Kiszely needs to email Dan Robinson the deadline for getting their program to Mike Starn

Other business:

Roger Hoy noted that he would like something different for gifts. Martine Painchaud noted that there are 15 MAAO shirts left. Those could be given as gifts to speakers or door prizes.

Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Rick Mace, all approved to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 p.m.

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