Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday October 8, 2008
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

Present: Anne Gregory, Roger Hoy, Bill Healey, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Marian Cadrette-Anderson, Tammy Brown, Joe Grube, Martine Painchaud.

Absent: Steve Lemay, Lisa Morin, Darryl McKenney.

Excused Absent: Rick Mace, Lona LaFrancis, Dan Robinson.

Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:40 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, Joe Grube abstained to accept the report for May 2, 2008 and July 11, 2008. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported that as of October 1, 2008 the checkbook balance was $16,783.64. She reported that there were only MMA and Atlantic Oakes bills that were outstanding. Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, all approved the October Treasurer’s Report.

Old Business

Stipends: Anne brought up the subject that perhaps we should the stipends to those who receive one on a yearly basis. Martine Painchaud said that the Treasurer gets $800.00, Education Chair gets $600.00 and the Newsletter Editor gets $600.00. Motion made by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, seconded by Bill Healey, Tammy Brown, Martine Paichaud abstained. Motion carried.

Anne Gregory stated that review of the stipends would be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

Audit: Marian Cadrette-Anderson commented that Elizabeth Bowdoin had done an outstanding job in preparing the spreadsheet for the audit. The whole board was in agreement with the outstanding job done by Elizabeth Bowdoin.

There were a few questions outstanding to complete the audit and were answered by Martine Painchaud. Marian Cadrette-Anderson also spoke about letting MMA handle all of the income and expenses. This idea was supported by Martine Painchaud and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Anne Gregory stated that the Executive Board should do a budget. A suggestion of receiving budget information from all of the Chairs would be advantageous to the Executive Board. The Board will also set some ground rules and get a plan in place. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Calendar/Advertisers: Lisa Morin not present. Anne Gregory read off a list of advertisers. Anne suggested that perhaps we would just give our Dayplanners to our members only.

Newsletter: Tammy Brown reported that the next newsletter would be going out in November and needs more articles and reports. It was the consensus of the board to e-mail the newsletter and just print enough for those who do not have an e-mail address. This would keep the costs down as well as being proactive in being “green”.

Education/Conference: Dan Robinson not present. Bill Healey said that the fall conference was successful. From the survey that Bill sent out on the listserv, he received 35 responses and it appears that distance, location and budget cuts were all factors in a smaller crowd. Joan Kiszely is looking at other sites, specifically, Point Lookout.

Ethics: Joe Grube reported that he did not receive and complaints.

Legislative: Marian Cadrette-Anderson gave a report that there were free copies of all new laws at the MMA Convention. There maybe a change in the Tree Growth law but that the Foresters are resistant on any changes.

Membership: Roger Hoy reported that there were 256 members which is an increase of 32 since last year. He will be putting out an ad for getting people interested in the assessing field through MMA. These will be put out at high schools and colleges.

Scholarship: Martine Painchaud reported that none were given this year. Martine relayed that one is given for the Property Tax School and the other for the Fall Conference. Martine also stated that all of the information is on our website.

Nominating: Anne Gregory went over the slate of officers.

Motion may by Bill Healey, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, all approved to adjourn the meeting at 12:00 p.m.

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