Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Executive Board Meeting
Thursday December 4, 2008
Maine Municipal Association
10:00 a.m.

Present: Anne Gregory, Tammy Brown, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Lisa Morin, Lona Lafrancis, Rick Mace, Dan Robinson, Mark Caldwell, Roger Hoy, Darryl McKenney, Martine Pinchaud, Sharon Blodgett (12 people present).

Absent: Joe Grube, Marian Cadrette-Anderson.

Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: Bill Healey made a motion to accept the Minutes from the October 8, 2008 Board meeting. Seconded by Elizabeth Bowdoin. All in favor. Martine Pinchaud will send to webmaster to post on website.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Pinchaud reported that the current checkbook balance is $6,704.86. She reported that two months of Maine Municipal Association’s invoices are the only outstanding bill of which she is aware. Elizabeth Bowdoin made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Bill Healey. All approved.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

  1. Audit Committee: Elizabeth Bowdoin reported that she questions about the credit card that are still pending. The Audit Committee went back three years and Anne Gregory expressed her gratitude, since the project was substantial. Elizabeth Bowdoin did convey her concern that if, after another year, the balance is equally low, the issue will need to be addressed further.
  2. Calendar/Advertisers: Lisa Morin had nothing new to report. Tammy Brown is in the process of making changes for the New Year’s newsletter. Tammy will pass along the newsletter advertisers to Jaime Clark at MMA.
  3. Newsletter: Tammy Brown noted that the next issue of the newsletter is slated for January and invited the Board to send her any news to fill the next edition. She would like to get the proof over to Jaime Clark, before the holidays since she typically sends it the last Monday before the month. Tammy Brown also noted that she had received only positive feedback about emailing the newsletter to those with email. She recommended continuing this method of distribution. Sharon Blodgett reported that there were 70 ordered, although not all were mailed. Tammy Brown also wanted to extend a special thanks to Jaime Clark for her part in the newsletter.
  4. Education/Conference: Dan Robinson reported that the Northeastern Regional Association of Assessing Officers is looking at having their 2010 Conference in Maine. If so, MAAO needs to discuss whether or not they put on their own Conference, even though the Northeastern Regional Conference is in May, a different time of year. The Northeastern Conference is a larger endeavor than MAAO’s Annual Conference. Dan Robinson noted that he will contact Paul Lesperance directly to find out what would be expected of MAAO. Anne Gregory stated that she had previously asked Paul Lesperance about the Northeastern Regional’s and Maine’s commitments towards the Conference. She also noted that the educational piece of MAAO’s 2009 Fall Conference will be dependent upon the Northeast Regional’s agenda. There needs to be an effort to make the Conference affordable for those in Maine. Dan Robinson stated that there is a benefit for having the two combined. Bill Healey added that he had talked to Mike Wilson who agreed to do a session at this year’s Fall Conference. There was a brief discussion about the possibility of getting someone to speak about TIF or abatement.
  5. Ethics: No report. Joe Grube, Chair, was absent.
  6. Legislative: No report as the chair, Marian Anderson, was absent.
  7. Membership: Roger Hoy reported that as of November 17 there are 256 members. Tammy Brown responded to Mr. Hoy’s question that a test must have been given recently, as she just received the CMA list and will forward to him the last two lists. Roger Hoy will compile a list of new CMA and will send a letter to those who have. Roger stated that he will forward the list to MMA to send out a packet, which is color coded. Different colored paper is used to track where the membership is coming from. The packet will include a membership list, the latest newsletter, a calendar, and the introduction letter. Roger Hoy will work with Sharon Blodgett at MMA to make sure that those who receive the CMA packet do not receive a new member packet and vice versa.
  8. Scholarship: Martine Painchaud noted that she would like to include the scholarship submission information in the next newsletter. Since it is the same as last year, Tammy Brown will re-use the one from last year.

New Business

  1. 2009 Budget: Anne Gregory had a handout of all of the revenue sources and expenses and asked if anyone on the Board noticed that anything was missing. It was noted that new member packets (including photocopying and mailing) were on the MMA invoice. Lona Lafrancis reported that MMA will put out the notice for the Northern Maine workshop.
    1. Fall Conference Revenue: Anne Gregory told the Board that she was not sure if numbers for the Fall Conference revenue and expenses are exact and didn’t include gifts in kind. There was some discussion about vendors and web advertising. Bill Healey reported that all vendors received an ad in the program, and any who paid more than $500 also received a web advertisement. Anne Gregory did note that it did appear that with the cost cutting they were able to make a little bit of money on the Fall Conference.
    2. Dues: Anne Gregory noted that dues currently are only $20; there hasn’t been an increase in a while. Elizabeth Bowdoin listed the positive changes the organization has made recently: vendors and other improvements at the Conference, and a better newsletter. A motion to increase the dues to $30 was made by Daryl McKenney, seconded by Dan Robinson. There was a brief discussion about whether the increase should go across all levels. Roger Hoy also noted he is trying to raise awareness of the profession at colleges and high schools, but he is concerned about asking students to come up with $200. He recommended that there be a new class for students. Bill Healey recommended an introductory rate of $0 and perhaps paying subsequent years. It was noted that this new category would require a By-law change. Dan Robinson made a motion to amend the motion to increase all categories by $10, except the $200. Nine approved as amended, two opposed. Motion passed. Roger Hoy made a motion to add an additional category for students at $0, seconded by Tammy Brown. All approved.
    3. MMA Contact: Rick Mace made a motion to accept the MMA contract, seconded by Dan Robinson. Tammy Brown asked that MAAO approach Mike Starn to find out the cost of MMA to handle the financial piece, since it is a complex process with both parties involved. Anne Gregory will speak with MMA to get a quote. Dan Robinson made a motion to amend the motion to authorize Anne Gregory and Martine Painchaud to negotiate up to $500 to have MMA handle MAAO’s financials. All approved. Also, Anne Gregory asked if the Maine Chapter of IAAO should help to pay part of the MMA contract, as they use the listserv and of the newsletter. Bill Healey noted that this reimbursement is justified, as all members of MAAO are not members of the Maine Chapter of IAAO.
    4. Dan Robinson noted that he still needed to complete the Conference budget (has it for this year and last year). Next year’s Board meetings need to be set as well.
    5. Website: Bill Healey noted that the website was offered as part of the advertising package and no one took advantage. Anne Gregory noted that those who pay should get the prime location on the front page. Also, this will keep the revenue clean; the Conference revenue with Conference revenue and the advertising revenue with the advertising revenue.
    6. Stipends: Anne Gregory asked the Board if MAAO should continue with the stipend or reduce or eliminate since MAAO contracted with MMA. Bill Healey mentioned that historically the stipends were put in for a reason. He noted that the MMA connection has made the process easier but there is still work involved. He was unsure how much time was saved. There was a brief discussion of having a $500 stipend across the board, and adding a chair or the President to the recipients. Rick Mace made a motion to add the President to the stipend recipients and increase the budget to $2,000, seconded by Bill Healey. 7 in favor; 4 abstain. Motion carries.
    7. IAAO Affiliate Dues / Insurance: Martine Painchaud surmised that the $35 will go up, but she is not sure by how much.
  2. 2009 Fall Conference Site & Education Sessions: Anne Gregory asked the groups if the dates presented were okay. Bill Healey noted that the dates are good, as the IAAO is week before. He noted that the all inclusive menu went well, and there were no issues around food. Anne Gregory reported that Joan Kiszely of MMA invited a representative of all the Affiliate Groups to Point Lookout. She described it as a cross between MIGIS and Sebasco. She was very impressed with the location, but the decision will depend on the cost. A discussion followed where the locations were narrowed down to two choices: Point Lookout and Sebasco. Anne Gregory requested that Joan Kiszely contact both prospective sites and see if either is able to make further price reductions. Dan Robinson suggested running the mock trial again. Tammy Brown agreed and recommended bringing it to the next level, since it was well received. Bill Healey advised using the listserv to gather education idea and would like to have a list of those who are interested in the education emailed. Bill Healey will email Dan a list of members who want to be involved (March or April).
  3. Maine Chapter IAAO Mike Austin Memorial Project: Anne Gregory told the history of the credenza at the IAAO headquarters in Mike Austin’s memory. After 3-4 years have passed, the credenza is almost ready to be delivered. Per a prior agreement made with the Maine Chapter of IAAO several years ago, Anne Gregory would like to share half the cost (about $2,500) of the credenza and the metal plaque. Bill Healey made a motion to pick up half the cost of the credenza and annually pay a minimum of $500 until the fee is paid up. Motion seconded by Dan Robinson. All approved. Anne Gregory would like to have pictures of the journey to Kansas City. Dan Robinson volunteered to go if Matt’s family doesn’t, which would give a representative from each group.

Other Business:

2009 Board Meeting Schedule: Anne Gregory set the meeting schedule for the next year. Meetings are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Sharon Blodgett from MMA will reserve the Board Room at MMA for the following meetings.

MAAO Board of Director’s Meetings:

  • January 23
  • March 13
  • May 22
  • July 24
  • December 4

Motion may by Bill Healey, seconded by Marian Cadrette-Anderson, all approved to adjourn the meeting at 12:00 p.m.

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