Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Board Meeting Minutes
Sebasco Harbor Resort
May 29, 2009

Present: Anne Gregory, Roger Hoy, Darryl McKenney, Martine Painchaud, Mark Caldwell, Lisa Morin, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Rick Mace, Marian Cadorette-Anderson, Joan Kiszely.

Absent: Tammy Brown, Bill Healey, Joe Grube, and Lona LaFrancis.

Resignation: Anne Gregory reported that Dan Robinson resigned from the Board due to personal issues. The Nominating Committee (Bill Healey, Anne Gregory and Elizabeth Bowdoin) will be looking for a replacement.

Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:45 a.m.

Tour of Facility: The Board’s tour included the rooms where the educational sessions will be held along with the vendors and silent auction table. The Board viewed various room options covering a range of costs the members can choose from.

Secretary’s Report: Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Roger Hoy, to approve the March 13, 2009 Minutes, all approved with minor revisions.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported on the April 30, 2009 financial report. Martine Painchaud reported the total current assets are $13,012.23. Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Marian Cadorette-Anderson, all approved the Treasurer’s report. It was noted that on June 19th Anne Gregory, Tammy Brown, Martine Painchaud, and Sarah Ledoux will be meeting to continue on the financials for MAAO.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Audit: Elizabeth Bowdoin reported that nothing has been done to date on the audit. They will be closing out on the credit card account at Kennebunk Savings.

Calendar/Advertisers: Lisa Morin reported she has been working on the order forms to be mailed out. She distributed a list of potential advertisers to the Board. They will continue to do the desktop calendar.

Newsletter: Tammy Brown absent. Anne Gregory reported that she will need any submissions for the newsletter by June 19th.

Education/Conference: Dan Robinson resigned. It was noted that Anne Gregory, Bill Healey, and Tammy Brown will take the lead on the Fall Conference agenda.

Ethics: Joe Grube absent.

Legislative: Marian Cadorette-Anderson reported on the following:

  • Adjustment to Homestead will not take place until next year.
  • Legislation next year will be very active.
  • Revision to close loop hole regarding hospitals leasing real estate and personal property won’t be effective until 2012.

Membership: Roger Hoy reported that there are 256 members to date. He reported they have a list by County of those that do not belong to the MAAO. He will do up a letter to send out via email to promote membership. He noted he took some Death and Taxes brochures to Bowdoin College and to New Hampshire. They would like MMA to identify first time attendees at the Fall Convention.

Scholarship: Martine Painchaud reported she received an application from Diane Douglas from Auburn. She has worked in the Auburn assessing office for 26 years. She would like to go to the Property Tax School. Motion made by Marian Cadorette-Anderson, seconded by Mark Caldwell, all approved to have a scholarship go to Diane Douglas for Property Tax School.

Technology Report:

  • Website: Martine Painchaud noted that the website is updated. It was requested that they ask Todd Langhill for a proposal for services on their website. It was suggested that we have an instruction page in the newspaper on how to utilize the ListServ.
  • ListServ: Joan Kiszely needs to send Anne Gregory a sample policy of the listserv from another Affiliate group. It was requested that Jen (if she could remove this) send Roger Hoy and Anne Gregory a list of names or names before dropping someone off the listserv because they are not a member.
  • Anne noted that we should have a Technology Committee charged with overseeing the ListServ and Website.

Executive Board (President, Vice President, two Past Presidents and Fall Conference): Facilities update with Joan Kiszely: Joan Kiszely noted that if anyone on the Board wants a special cottage or overnight room at Sebasco, feel free to contact her and she will work with Sebasco to help make this happen.

Brief update from Anne Gregory on the Fall Convention: Silent Auction: Rick Mace will take the lead on this. Education: Bill Healey will take the lead on this. Vendor: Bill Healey will be asked to spearhead the vendor efforts. Golf Tournament: Mark Caldwell will take the lead to organize a tournament with an assist from Bill Healey. Bowling night: Lisa Morin will organize this evening event. Boat ride: Anne will work with Joan and Sebasco to offer this sunset event at the conference. Hospitality Room: Anne Gregory and Tammy will take the lead on this.

Educational Topics suggested:

  • IAAO course
  • Building systems and designs
  • Appraisals – Panel discussion on process and violations and how to explain to tax payers
  • Board of Review Assessment Review
  • Windmills, wind towers, wharfs
  • TIFs – Jensen & Baird for possible speaker

New Business

NRAAO 2010: Anne Gregory noted that the NRAAO Conference will be in May 2010 at the Eastland in Portland, Maine. Bill Healey and Matt Sturgis met with Paul Lesperance a couple of weeks ago. MAAO has previously agreed to co-sponsor this Conference. Their educational sessions are pertinent. This may mean not having a Fall Conference in September and having it in May. The goal would be to keep the cost the same as their Fall Conference. NRAAO holds this every year and has the same vendors. It was asked why we wouldn’t have our Fall Conference still. Marian noted that the MAAO would be geared towards the smaller towns. Paul Lesperance would like MAAO to be co-sponsors. It was noted that we voted to assist them. It was noted that there may be a problem with fiscal year budgets. They are committed to co-sponsor and Anne Gregory will find out what that means. It was mentioned not to cancel their Fall Conference. Anne Gregory will bring back more information for the Board to continue discussing this issue.

Maine Chapter of IAAO: Anne Gregory received a letter from Maine Chapter of IAAO. Anne Gregory distributed a letter from her in response to the letter from Judy Mathiau, President of IAAO.

MMA Convention: Anne Gregory reported that MAAO will their Annual Meeting during the MMA convention as stipulated in the By-Laws. The big educational part will be collaboration with other the Treasurers and Tax Collectors affiliate groups.

The Nominating Committee of Bill Healey, Beth Bowdoin and Anne Gregory will work on the nominations for the 2009-2010 Board vacancies.

Anne Gregory noted that Joan Kiszely took the lead on a conference call with MMTCTA, MGFOA and MAAO to talk about a topic. She noted the topic would be on distress sales and foreclosures and the format would be a panel discussion. In addition, MAAO will be participating in MMA’s roundtable session. Topic is not yet known.

Northern Spring Workshop: Anne Gregory reported that Lona LaFrancis did a great job and it was a huge success. They had 40 attendees and noted the speakers did a great job. She reported that they had good evaluations. She noted that they made about $800.

Auburn Bar Workshop: Joan Kiszely reported that the Bar Workshop in Auburn had eight paying participants and ten comps from August for a total of 18. She noted that MMA would be giving MAAO a check for $328.51, so they could break even on the Auburn Bar Workshop. Anne Gregory noted she would like to give the attorneys a nice gift certificate to the two speakers as a thank you for the four workshops they have done in the past two years. Motion made Rick Mace, seconded by Roger Hoy, all approved to give a gift certificate of $200.00 to both Sally Daggett and William H. Dale, along with a thank you from MAAO. For future purposes, it was noted that we could do this workshop in Farmington.

Administrative Workshop for Assistants to Assessors: It was noted that we should survey the membership on the listserv to see how many would attend this workshop and see if there is any interest.

 Adjournment: Motion made by Marian Cadorette-Anderson, seconded by Lisa Morin, all approved to adjourn the meeting at 1:30 p.m.

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