Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Board Meeting Minutes
Maine Municipal Association
December 11, 2009


Present: Anne Gregory, Martine Painchaud, Mark Caldwell, Elizabeth Bowdoin, Rick Mace, Tammy Brown, Bill Healey, Roger Hoy, Joe Grube, Lona LaFrancis, Susan Varney, Joan Kiszely.

Absent:  Marian Anderson, Darryl McKenney, Ruth Birtz, Lisa Morin.

Call to Order: President Anne Gregory called the meeting to order at 10:25 a.m.

Secretary’s Report:  Motion made by Rick Mace, seconded by Tammy Brown, to approve the July 24, 2009 Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported on the October, 2009 financial report. Martine Painchaud reported and total assets are $20,400.77 for the period ending October 31, 2009.  The October balance does not reflect the Fall Conference invoice, speaker bills, door prizes, etc.   Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Roger Hoy.  All approved the October financial report.

Old Business
Committee Reports:

Audit:  Elizabeth Bowdoin reported she was at MMA last Monday and did audit the books.  She reported that everything was in order.  She would like to see more account numbers and breakdown.  She had a few questions, and those were answered.  Anne Gregory thanked Beth Bowdoin for all her hard work on performing the audit and all her years of service with the organization.    

Calendar/Advertisers: Lisa Morin absent.  It was the consensus of the board to keep going with the calendars and advertisers. 

Newsletter: Tammy Brown reported the next newsletter will be going out in January. She thanked everyone for their contributions to the newsletter.   It was noted that Darryl McKenny would be the newsletter chair in moving forward.  

Ethics: Joe Grube – no issues to report.  Anne Gregory noted that she sometimes gets phone calls from a board member to report an issue.  She noted that if the Ethics committee is going to act on something, they need to submit a request or details in writing in order for them to review the issue. 

Legislative: Marian Anderson – absent.  Anne Gregory noted Marian Anderson still wants to stay on the board.  She would like to have more of a role description of what the board expects from the Legislative Committee Chair. 

Membership: Roger Hoy reported on the last membership list of 9/30/09. There are 246 paid members and 23 have not paid. Roger asked for feedback regarding the municipalities that do not belong to MAAO.  He referred to MMA’s list sorted by County.  Anne suggested that  Roger pick a county to solicit members, prepare a package for mailing and develop a cost for the Board to review at the next Board meeting.

Scholarship: Martine Painchaud reported that the application will go on the January newsletters.
Technology Report:

  • Website:  Anne Gregory asked about what the cost would be for MMA to take over their website?  Currently, they think a lot more can be done with their website than what is being done now.  Anne Gregory wants more links provided on the web (look at other group websites to see what they have).  She would like their website more dynamic.  It was noted that the technology committee should be working on this issue and not the entire board.  MMA charges $300 as a flat fee for maintaining the website.  Martine Painchaud noted she would contact Todd Langhill to see if there would be an additional cost to get the website up to date and will report back to the board at the next meeting.  It was asked if we need to have a tech committee to handle these types of issues.  Motion made by Rick Mace to have a Technology Committee, seconded by Anne Gregory, all approved to put together a technology committee and appoint a chairperson.
  • List Serv:  Anne Gregory reported activity is very quiet.  Discussed that there is no policy in place, only have to be a member to be on List Serv.  Tech Committee might want to consider making a policy on what is posted on the website.

Executive Board:

  • Meetings/Trainings:  Brief discussion on the concern of the northern members not being able to attend trainings.  Janice Tevanian explained the way the Webinar works. 

Anne Gregory distributed a handout of the history of the board members.   

  • 2010 Conference Report

Fall Conference:  Tammy Brown noted that she reviewed the 2010 contract and noted    the following:
Keep the boat ride at $260.  Tammy Brown noted that the contact was the same for 2010 as was for 2009.  She noted that Joan Kiszely emailed stating that the 2010 rate would be $15/person. Contract does not reflect that comment.
            Bowling is not an issue for the fee

Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Joe Grube, all approved to return to Sebasco    for their 2010 Fall Conference. 

It was the consensus of the Board to appoint the Executive Board as the conference  committee.  Anne Gregory asked Bill Healey to serve as the Education Chair.

Update from Education Chair:  Bill Healey reported that the President of the IAAO would like to come to Maine in September.  Our responsibility is that we pay for his room, food and car expenses.  Bill noted the President offered to teach the first morning for 1 hour and ½. IAAO would only pay his flight. It was suggested that we approach the President that we would like him to attend, but because of expenses we cannot afford to pay the costs of an IAAO One-Day Forum in addition to the cost of the President’s attendance. After a brief discussion it was the consensus of the board that MAAO cannot afford both the IAAO President and the one-day IAAO Forum.  The one day forum costs would include $1500 for the instructor plus course materials, transportation, room and board.  Bill Healey agreed to serve as Education Chair and will look into the costs for an IAAO class for the 2010 fall conference.

New Business

NRAAO 2010:  Bill Healey reported that the planning is coming along really well.  One of the classes will be on Energy Supply.  Also there will be a big box of the appraisal analysis.  Paul Lesperance would like help at the conference – registration etc.  His real need is that he would like to have MMA do some administrative services.  The NRAAO would pay.  Anne Gregory suggested that Bill Healey set up a meeting with Joan Kiszely, and Paul Lesperance to go over administrative services to assist with the NRAAO 2010 conference.  This conference is scheduled to be held May 23 to May 26th, 2010.  Motion made by Anne Gregory, seconded by Martine Painchaud, all approved to pay for a one page ad in their NRAAO brochure.  Anne Gregory would like to encourage the assessors to attend this. She would like to see us offer a scholarship to assessors.  Tammy Brown suggested we add to the criteria of the existing scholarship application the NRAAO conference.  Motion made by Bill Healey and seconded by Roger Hoy to add the NRAAO conference option to the Scholarship application.  The scholarship options are now NRAAO for 2010, Annual Property Tax School and MAAO Fall Conference.

Me Chapter IAAO & Mike Austin Memorial Credenza:  Motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Rick Mace, all approved to pay $500 a year to Me Chapter of IAAO from the silent auction fund to put towards the debt of the Mike Austin Memorial Credenza.  The total 50% contribution was $2,500 with $500 paid in 2008.

2010 Board of Assessment Review Workshops:  Anne Gregory noted she would put out on the List Serve and get feedback to what location & when they would like to have the  BAR Workshop.  Mark Caldwell will also try and get feedback from his area. Bill Healey will contact Bill & Sally to see what dates they have available to do these workshops.

Other Business: 

2010 Meeting Schedule: Begin at 10:00am. unless otherwise specified.
January 22 - MMA
March 12 - MMA
May 24 – Northeast Regional Conference – Portland- Eastland – 10:30 a.m.
July 23 – MMA
October – Annual Business Meeting
December 10 – MMA

Martine Painchaud will be on vacation from December 16th until the end of the year.  Denise is to send all check request to her home email is until January 2nd.

Adjournment:  Motion made by Mark Caldwell , seconded by Bill Healey, all approved to adjourn the meeting at noon.

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