Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Board Meeting Minutes
Maine Municipal Association
January 22, 2010


Present: Tammy Brown, Darryl McKenney, Martine Painchaud, William Healey, Roger Hoy, Mark Caldwell, Rick Mace, Sue Varney, Joe Grube and Denise Kolreg.

Excused Absence: Anne Gregory, Lona LaFrancis, Marian Anderson, Ruth Birtz.

Absent: Lisa Morin.

Call to Order: President Tammy Brown called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Secretary’s Report: Correction to December 11, 2009 Minutes: NRAAO 2010-Motion made by Bill Healey and seconded by Roger Hoy to add the NRAAO Conference option to the Scholarship application. No further discussions, with all in favor. A motion was made by Roger Hoy to accept the December 11, 2009 Board Meeting Minutes as amended and was seconded by Martine Painchaud, with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported on the November 31, 2009 Financial Report. It was reported that the total assets were $12,216.67 for the period ending November 31, 2009. The December financials were not completed at this time. Martine Painchaud distributed a report to show the following as of January 19, 2010: total revenue - $540.00; total expenses - $1,347.40. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Mark Caldwell, with all in favor.

Old Business

Committee Report

  • Update 2009 – Tammy Brown reported that Beth Bowdoin was the Auditor, but is no longer with the Association. Beth Bowdoin reported that everything was in order before she left. No update to report.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Mark Caldwell volunteered to be the Chair for the Audit/Finance Committee. A motion made by Bill Healey, seconded by Roger Hoy, with all in favor.


  • Update 2009 Chair Lisa Morin – Lisa was absent. No information to report. Roger Hoy asked how many calendars were left. Denise Kolreg noted there were about 2 cases being stored at MMA.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Tammy Brown made a recommendation to leave Lisa Morin as the Chairperson for the Calendar/Advertisers Committee. A motion made by Martine Painchaud, seconded by Mark Caldwell, with all in favor.


  • Report from Vice President Darryl McKenney – Darryl McKenney stated he did not receive a lot of news to put into the January newsletter. However, it was noted that the newsletter came out nice with some interesting topics.
  • Next Issue – Scheduled for April 2010.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Darryl McKenney. Motion made by Martine Painchaud, seconded by Joe Grube with eight in favor, with one opposed (which was overruled and accepted).


  • Update from 2009 Chair Joe Grube – No complaints filed with the association to date.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Joe Grube. Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Roger Hoy, with all in favor.


  • Update from 2009 Chair Marian Anderson – Marian Anderson was absent. President Tammy Brown reported a meeting was being held today regarding the Tree Growth. This notice was sent to the membership. Marian Anderson also reported to Tammy Brown that she would like to continue chairing this committee; however, she felt she could not obligate the time needed. She would encourage anyone that would be interested to take this over.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Rick Mace volunteered to Chair the Legislative Committee. Motion made by Martine Painchaud, seconded by Darryl McKenney, with all in favor.


  • Update from 2009 Chair Roger Hoy – Roger Hoy reported that there is a list of selectmen who do not belong to MAAO. He was thinking that the Association could send a letter about the benefits of joining MAAO by doing a mailing to each county. It could be a generic letter stating the reason we are contacting them about what the Association offers. Within the letter we could list what the membership includes (bullet those items that we offer). Also, include a 2010 calendar if we have enough in supply. He noted that if this would attract a few new members, the income would be worth the mailing expense. They would include a new member application, just for Board of Assessors. Tammy Brown noted she would proof the draft letter and application from Roger Hoy. Tammy Brown will then forward to MMA (Denise Kolreg) for finalizing (add logo and electronic letterhead). Motion made by Mark Caldwell, seconded by Martine Painchaud to send letter by county to the Selectmen, Assessors or to the Assessors Agent if no Assessor, with all in favor. Roger Hoy asked for an MMA Municipal Directory, which the Board agreed to pay for.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Roger Hoy has been Chair. Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Sue Varney, with all in favor.


  • Update from 2009 Chair – Martine Painchaud reported that an application for a scholarship was posted in the January’s newsletter. The deadline is April 1, 2010.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Motion made by Joe Grube to nominate Martine Painchaud, seconded by Roger Hoy, with all in favor.

Technology Report:

  • Update from Martine Painchaud on Website – Martine Painchaud reported that there were discussions held at the last Board meeting about the Association’s website host. She noted that a total of $340 was spent for 2009. In order to add links, Todd Langhill would do it for around $15 on top of agreed price. Jeri Holt was requested to come in and answer some basic questions. It was discussed that Todd Langhill would have to release the domain name, which should not accrue any more cost. They need to move forward to settle out expenses with Todd Langhill and switch over to using MMA’s services. Martine Painchaud will talk to Jeri Holt to get directions on how to proceed. Motion made by Rick Mace, seconded by Joe Grube, all approved to have MMA take over MMAO’s website.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – It was noted that Martine Painchaud has been serving as the Chairperson and volunteered to continue. Motion made by Rick Mace, seconded by Mark Caldwell, with all in favor.

Executive Board:

  • 2010 Conference UpdateNo updates to report at this time. It was decided at the last Board meeting that the full Executive Committee would make up the Conference Committee.


  • Update from 2009 Chair – Bill Healey reported that a deposit was already made to Sebasco. He would like to get a current list of committee interest from 2010 membership available to them at their March meeting. This updated list needs to be emailed to the Board. Robert Whiteley from City of Belfast expressed interest in serving on a committee. Please add his name to this 2010 listing.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – It was noted that Bill Healey was voted on at the last meeting.


  • Update from 2009 Chair Bill Healey – No report.
  • Appoint 2010 Chair – Bill Healey was voted in at the last meeting.
  • Appoint Members – Executive Board to be members of the Conference Committee, as discussed at the Dec. 11, 2009 meeting.

New Business

  • 2010 Budget Preparation – Tammy Brown and Martine Painchaud have been working on this. They are waiting to get December’s expenses from MMA before voting on the final 2010 budget.
  • NRAAO – Bill Healey had a meeting yesterday. The Conference is pretty well underway. Paul Lesperance volunteered to do printing so MMA does not have to do it. Paul Lesperance will also handle mailing. There is time allotted to schedule a Board meeting at the Conference. It was requested that the Association send registration packets out to their listserv when completed.
  • 2010 BAR Workshops – Bill Healey reported that he sent an email to Sally Daggett. He is waiting to hear back from Joan Kiszely about meeting dates.
  • Other Business – Tammy Brown reported she accepted and signed MMA’s service contract for 2010.
  • IAAO – Martine Painchaud noted will be taking over the updates for the newsletter.
  • Sue Varney asked MMA to forward her the MAAO logo and electronic letterhead.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Rick Mace and seconded by Joe Grube to adjourn the meeting at 11:25 a.m., with all in favor.


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