Maine Association of Assessing Officers
Board Meeting Minutes
Maine Municipal Association
March 12, 2010


Present: Tammy Brown, Martine Painchaud, Mark Caldwell, Rick Mace, Anne Gregory, Roger Hoy, Joe Grube, Marian Anderson, Darryl McKenney, Ruth Birtz, Lisa Morin, Joan Kiszely.

Absent:   Susan Varney

Excused Absence: Lona LaFrancis, Bill Healey

Call to Order: President Tammy Brown called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

Introductions:  Joan Kiszely introduced Eric Conrad, Director of Communications at MMA.

Secretary’s Report:  Motion made by Joe Grube, seconded by Rick Mace, to approve the January 22, 2010 Minutes. Approved with one abstention!

Treasurer’s Report: Martine Painchaud reported on the December, 2009 financial report. She reported that the total assets are $9,154.36 for the period ending December 31, 2009.   Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Anne Gregory. All approved the December financial report.

Martine Painchaud reported on the January, 2010 financial report. She reported that the total assets are $13,896.93 for the period ending January 31, 2010. Motion made by Darryl McKenney, seconded by Anne Gregory, all approved the January financial report.


Old Business

Committee Reports:

Audit:  Mark Caldwell – no report.

Calendar/Advertisers: Lisa Morin reported the following:

  • She emailed Denise Kolreg the list of potential advertisers for the calendar, as MMA will take over the mailing for the advertisers. She will assist when it is time.

Newsletter: Darryl McKenney reported that the newsletter will go out in April. He requested articles for the upcoming newsletter. The deadline to get articles to him would be April 1st.

Ethics: Joe Grube – no report.

Legislative: Rick Mace reported on the following:

  • LR 2612 - Telecommunications public hearing was held. Anne Gregory noted she will forward any information she gets to the board. Anne Gregory gave a brief update about this bill.
  • Tree Growth Bill

Membership: Roger Hoy reported on the following:

  • Mailing for CMA’s that do not belong to MAAO. He spoke to Jennifer Stiles and she provided him with a list. He will meet with Jen Stiles after the meeting to go over some questions he has. After he figures things out he will request a mailing to nonmembers. They will mail out an invitation letter along with the calendar.

Scholarship: Martine Painchaud reported she has not received any scholarship applications. She will extend the deadline to May 1st.
Technology Report:

  • Website:  Anne Gregory volunteered to assist Martine on the Technology Committee. Anne Gregory reported she will do a summary of the listserv topics and post them to our website.

Executive Board: No report.
Update from Education Chair:  Bill Healey absent. Tammy Brown reported that she talked with Bill, and when he returns from vacation he will get the Conference Committee together to start on their agenda.

Boards of Assessment Review:  Denise Kolreg reported that the brochure went out February 17th, emailed out February 12th. They have a total of 32 registered to date.

Aroostook County Report:  Tammy Brown reported for Lona LaFrancis on the following:

  • Working on setting up a workshop for Northern Maine Spring Training. She has found two programs that require a computer lab. One is a program called “Community Mapping”. This would be a three-hour program. The instructor has agreed to teach the program for us and UMPI has agreed to provide the facility. She is trying to find something to tie in with a mapping class to make a six to seven hour day. She contacted Peter Sly to do a summary of the outcome of his conference on “Preserving Landscapes and Livelihoods in Northern Maine.” This may be only one hour. She may schedule a Legislative update. Still work in progress. She is also looking into William Van Tuinen to give his TRIO training program.

New Business

Website Education Presentation:  Jeri Holt, Resource Manager, MMA reported she talked with Dave Sawyer on the following:

Training modules:  She gave an overview of how the training module would work. She noted they can put their training on CD’s and mail them out to their membership.

Web Ex

Set Up Fee:  $55.00 an hour plus the cost of the software

IAAO Courses would be one that they would be interested in having for a training module.

Brief update on benefit of ListServe for Board & Membership. She distributed a Sample Home page from MWDA for them to review.

Secure Area

Tammy Brown requested anyone with any thoughts or ideas should email Martine Painchaud. Tammy thanked Jeri Holt for her time.    

2010 Budget Preparation:  Tammy Brown reported that Martine Painchaud put together the budget. Anne Gregory and Martine Painchaud reported on the budget.

Website Transition: Is in progress with Jeri Holt

Other Business:  None

Adjournment:  Motion made by Martine Painchaud, seconded by Anne Gregory, all approved to adjourn the meeting at noon.



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